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Judicial Review: Law and Practice Second edition

It covers the substantive law of judicial review including grounds of review and remedies, and looks in detail at the practice and procedure specific to such claims.
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846619144

Product description

Why you should buy Judicial Review: Law and Practice

The second edition has been extensively rewritten to provide practitioners with a comprehensive companion to judicial review proceedings. It covers the substantive law of judicial review including grounds of review and remedies, and looks in detail at the practice and procedure specific to such claims. This element of the book has been significantly extended.

The largest part of the work is dedicated to individual areas of the law where judicial review is relevant, including planning and environment, community care, housing, mental health, criminal law, education, licensing, central/local government and immigration law. It provides a wide-ranging coverage of administrative law and its niche practice areas including essential procedural rules, forms and guidance issued by the Administrative Court.

Whether you are a specialist public lawyer or whether you practice in areas of law where expertise in judicial review is required, Judicial Review: Law and Practice provides the guidance you need to take on and manage cases confidently.

Editors and Contributors

General Editors: The Hon Mrs Justice Patterson DBE, formerly Public Law Commissioner, Head of Kings Chambers, Manchester and Leeds; Sam Karim,
Barrister, Kings Chambers, Manchester

Assistant Editor: Justin Leslie, Barrister, 42 Bedford Row and Assistant Parliamentary Counsel

Contributors: Simon Burrows, Colin Crawford, Jonathan Easton, Adam Fullwood, Anthony Gill, Freddie Humphreys, Matthew Stockwell, Abigail Telford 
Ben Williams, 
All Barristers, Kings Chambers; Melanie Plimmer, Tribunal Judge; Jesse Nicholls, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers; Matthew Stanbury,  Barrister, Garden Court North; Hugh Southey QC, Matrix Chambers


This book is designed to provide a source for public law practitioners who practise across the broad spectrum of laws in which judicial review is used as an avenue of redress. It is also of value to others who appear less frequently in the Administrative Court but need a convenient reference point. Part 1 seeks to concentrate primarily on the central subject matter, namely, judicial review. Part 2 considers how judicial review is currently utilised to review the lawfulness of the powers and duties of those exercising public function in various areas. Read the full introduction...


The advent of the regionalisation project of the Administrative Court was the catalyst that led to the first edition of this book. Indeed, it was now some six years ago, while we were both discussing the embryonic stages of establishing the Northern Administrative Law Association (NALA) at Kings Chambers, Manchester that it was plain that there was a gap in the market: a book that provides a comprehensive introduction to the law and practice of judicial review proceedings together with in-depth analysis of areas where judicial review is readily used as a mean of redress, including town and country planning, community care and social welfare, immigration, housing, mental health, education and licensing. Read the full preface...

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Table of contents

  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of Statutes
  • Table of Statutory Instruments
  • Part 1 - General Principles
    • Grounds of Judicial Review
    • Remedies
    • Practice and Procedure
    • The Tribunal System
  • Part 2 - Specific Areas
    • Planning and Environment
    • Community Care
    • Housing
    • Mental Health
    • Criminal Law
    • Prison Law
    • Education
    • Licensing
    • Local/Central Government
    • Immigration Law
    • Professional Regulation
    • Healthcare
  • Part 3 - Appendices
    • Procedural Guide
    • Statutory Materials
    • Civil Procedure Rules
    • Administrative Court Guidance
    • Forms
  • Index
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