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Jordan Publishing Charities Administration Service

This publication keeps you up to date with the latest compliance requirements and developments.
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780853083276

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Why should you subscribe to Jordan Publishing Charities Administration Service

Written in a clear format with easy-to-use language, this publication keeps you up to date with the latest compliance requirements and developments. It will save you many hours, and will save you a multiple of the subscription-price in terms of professional advice-fees, with its sample forms, handy checklists and model policies, all professionally drafted and ready to be downloaded, adapted and used. Whether you are a company secretary, trustee, chief executive, accountant or senior external adviser, this resource is a must for you.

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Table of contents

Issue 63 March 2019

Issue 63 includes material on:
  • Immigration – latest information on the impact of the annual limit and on the checks that employers need to make to ensure that employees are entitled to work in the UK (Division H Personnel).
  • Direct taxation changes (Division I Fundraising, trading and tax).
  • Further information on the ‘Compact’ and on key terms and force majeure clauses (Division L Charity contracts).
  • Changes to the Charities SORP (FRS 102) coming into effect for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019. A note about the further consultation on improving SORP, which launched on 26 November 2018 with responses to be published at the end of April 2019;
    developments in safeguarding and on reporting a serious incident in a charity (Division P Risk management and insurance).
  • Table of Statutes
  • Table of Statutory Instruments 
  • Table of Forms and Publications 
  • Division A: Setting up and registering a charity 
  • Division B: Regulatory Regime 
  • Division C: Constitutional amendments and restructuring
  • Division D: Names for charities and trading subsidiaries 
  • Division E: Governance and legal administration
    - Trustees - general Appointment of directors/trustees
     - Directors' / trustees' retirement and cessation of office
     - Removal of directors/trustees
     - Proceedings of directors/trustees
     - Delegation and committees
     - Branches
     - Filing and Register-Keeping Requirements - Checklist
     - Registered office/correspondence address
     - Signing, sealing and execution of documents
     - Charity stationery - statutory requirements
     - Auditors
     - Bank accounts
  • Division F: Members' Meetings
    - Annual accounts and reports and annual general meeting
     - General meetings and resolutions
     - Proxies and authorised representatives
     - Written resolutions of members
  • Division G: Public accountability and reporting 
  • Division H: Personnel 
  • Division I: Fundraising, trading and tax
    - Legacies
     - Professional fundraisers and commercial participators
     - Public collection
     - Lotteries
  • Division J: Investments 
  • Division K: Subsidiary trading companies
  • Division L: Charity contracts
    - Specimen service agreements
  • Division M: Grants 
  • Division N: Dispute resolution and credit control 
  • Division O: Acquiring, mortgaging and disposing of land 
  • Division P: Risk management and insurance
    - Risk management
     - Insurance
  • Division Q: Data protection and freedom of information 
  • Division R: Intellectual property 
  • Division S: Websites and electronic communications 
  • Division T: Equality and Discrimination 
  • Division U: Model Policies
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Index