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Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Reports Parts

Ensures that you are kept fully aware of all the case law developments in personal insolvency and other related areas.
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ISBN/ISSN: 13593684

Product description

Why should you subscribe to Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Reports

This series of law reports ensures that you are kept fully aware of all the case law developments in personal insolvency and other related areas that impact upon the practices of those advising in personal insolvency.

Why should you subscribe to Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Reports?

  • The series brings together case law from pure insolvency law cases and a wide range of subject areas including civil procedure, commercial, property and family law in so far as they impact on personal insolvency issues in practice
  • Ensures you are kept up to date with all the latest case law whether in relation to the conflict between matrimonial proceedings and creditors’ rights (Kremen v Agrest, Arif v Anwar), statutory demands (Webster v Mackay, Jones v FSA, Darbyshire v Turpin), the definition of bankruptcy debts (Nortel), enforcement against the bankrupt’s property (Liggett, Mallon, Graham, Kurd), the remuneration and costs of the trustee in bankruptcy (Secondus v Atkinson, Kaliq), whether to accept an IVA proposal rather than make a bankruptcy order (McNally, Mirpuri), individual voluntary arrangements (Davis v Price, Golstein v Bishop, Smith-Evans v Smailes), annulments (Consolidated Finance Limited v Collins, Oraki, Salliss) the jurisdiction of the court under the EC Regulation (O’Donnell, Flannery, Becker) or the impact of bankruptcy on professionals (Dowland, Moseley)
  • Produced six times a year, the reports ensure that you always have access to the recent court decisions
  • Each report contains a full headnote and is judicially approved before publication to ensure an accurate record of the case and judgment
  • Available in print as well as LexisLibrary.

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Table of contents

[2019] BPIR 461-780 Issue 3

  • Agform Ltd v Fine Organics Ltd
    [2018] EWHC 2211 (Ch) [2019] BPIR 461, ChD
  • Ardawa v (1) Uppal (2) Jordan (As Trustee in Bankruptcy of Surjit Singh Ardawa)
    [2019] EWHC 456 (Ch) [2019] BPIR 475, ChD
  • Re Birdi (In Bankruptcy); (1) Miles (2) Noah (3) Antoniades (4) Birdi v (1) Price (2) Pettit (3) Official Receiver (4) PBC Business Recovery & Insolvency
    [2019] EWHC 291 (Ch) [2019] BPIR 498, ChD
  • (1) Brewer (2) Wilson v Iqbal
    [2019] EWHC 182 (Ch) [2019] BPIR 529, ChD
  • BTI 2014 LLC v Sequana and others; Sequana v BAT Industries plc and others
    [2019] EWCA Civ 112 [2019] BPIR 562, CA
  • (1) Crumpler (2) Bower (Joint Liquidators of Peak Hotels and Resorts Ltd) v Candey Ltd
    [2019] EWCA Civ 345 [2019] BPIR 623, CA
  • Islandsbanki HF v Stanford
    [2019] EWHC 307 (Ch) [2019] BPIR 641, ChD
  • (1) Lygoe (2) Lygoe (3) Lexoco Ltd v Hunt
    [2019] EWHC 327 (Ch) [2019] BPIR 650, ChD
  • Re Spaces London Bridge Ltd
    [2018] EWHC 3099 (Ch) [2019] BPIR 660, ChD
  • (1) Tate (2) Hopkirk (Joint Trustees in Bankruptcy of Farrell) v (1) Farrell (2) Swiatkowski (3) Penn Trust Ltd
    [2019] EWHC 119 (Ch) [2019] BPIR 671, ChD
  • (1) Varden Nuttall Limited (In Administration) (acting by its Joint Administrators) (2) Clements, Atkinson and Marland (acting as Supervisors of the Individual Voluntary Arrangements of Riane Langton and others) v (1) Nuttall (2) Varden
    [2018] EWHC 3868 (Ch) [2019] BPIR 738, ChD