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Tolley's Taxwise I & II 2016-17 Set

Tolley's Taxwise I & II 2016-17 Set, This special set offers you the chance to purchase the respected Tolley's Taxwise I & II 2016-17 at one special price.

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Book + CD
ISBN/ISSN: Z000050663036
Published: December 14, 2016
ISBN/ISSN: 9780754552789
Published: December 14, 2016
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Why you should buy Tolley's Taxwise I & II 2016-17 Set

This special set offers you the chance to purchase the respected Tolley's Taxwise I & II 2016-17 at one special price.

Tolley's Taxwise I 2016-17 covers: Income Tax, National Insurance Contributions, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty, VAT and incorporates a variety of features for ease of use including:

* Full cross-referencing and comprehensive indexing to assist in immediate location of required information
* Tables of rates for quick reference
* Guidance in the layout of computations
* Numerous worked examples with detailed explanatory notes

Tolley's Taxwise II 2016-17 covers: Inheritance Tax, Taxation of Trusts and Taxation of Estates, incorporating a variety of features for ease of use.

Written by tax experts who are renowned not only for their technical skills but also for their ability to make sense of complex subjects.

Required reading for all students in professional tax examinations

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Table of contents


Rates and allowances
Finance Act 2015 summary
Income Tax, Tax Credits and National Insurance – Personal Tax
1. Personal computation – general principles
2. Taxation of the family
3. Personal Allowances
4. Income tax repayments; giving to charity
5. Savings income
6. Pensions contributions and benefits
7. Tax credits – general principles
Employment Income
Trading Income
International Aspects
Tax administration
National Insurance Contributions
46. National insurance
Corporation Tax – Basic Corporation Tax Computations
47. Computation and collection of corporation tax
48. Company formation, administration and regulatory environment
49. Corporation tax computation – 18-month account and collection of income tax from companies
50. Company losses
51. Research and development and patents
52. Double taxation relief
53. Reliefs for the Creative Sector
Close Companies
54. Close company and close investment-holding company; distributions
55. Corporation tax computation – directors' and employees' benefits and directors' overdrawn loan accounts
56. Extracting cash from the family or owner-managed company
57. Close company solvent liquidation
58. Purchase of own shares by company
Groups of Companies and International Aspects
Capital Gains Tax
Indirect Taxes: Stamp Taxes And VAT
78. Stamp taxes
79. VAT schemes for small businesses
80. VAT errors and penalties
81. VAT partial exemption
Planning And Special Situations
82. Share options and share incentives
83. Personal services – provision via an intermediary
84. Transfer of unincorporated trade to limited company
85. The construction industry scheme
86. Charities and amateur sports clubs
87. General tax planning
88. Tax-incentivised investment
89. Partnership capital gains and retirement annuities
90. Taxation of rental income, including furnished lettings and holiday accommodation
91. Property leases
92. Overseas property
93. High value residential property


Tax rates and thresholds
Summary of provisions of Finance Act 2015 relating to inheritance tax and the taxation of trusts and estates
Inheritance Tax — Personal and Estates — General
1. Inheritance Tax — Introduction, Exemptions
2. Transfer of the Nil-Rate Band
3. Transfer of Value; Potentially Exempt Transfer; Particular Instances
4. Overseas Aspects of Inheritance Tax
5. Gifts Within Seven Years Before Death
6. Date of Payment and Interest, Liability for Tax, Penalties
7. Tax on Death — Simple Example
8. Gifts Inter Vivos
9. Corrective and Supplementary Accounts
10. Instalment Option, Interest on Overdue Tax
11. Valuation of Property — General Provisions; Related property; Sale of Land After Death; Liabilities
12. Valuation of Shares — Sale After Death — Trust Holdings
13. Fall in Value of Gift Before Death and Varying the Terms of a Will
14. Specific Legacy — Exempt and Partly Exempt Residue
15. Legacies and Other Specific Gifts involving Business and Agricultural Property
16. Partially Exempt Residue (Double Grossing)
17. Partially Exempt Residue (Affected by Trust Funds, Business and Agricultural Property Relief)
18. Partially Exempt Residue and Intestacy
19. Associated Operations and Deemed Dispositions
20. Business Property Relief including the Instalment Option
21. Agricultural Property Relief
22. Provision of Information, Notice of Determination, Delivery of accounts
23. Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax: Lifetime Tax Planning
24. Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax: Pre-Death Tax Planning
25. Capital Taxes Interaction
26. Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes
Inheritance Tax — Personal and Estates — Specific Topics
27. Gifts with Reservation
28. Double Charges Regulations
29. Quick Succession Relief
30. Gifts with Reservation of Benefit and Pre-Owned Assets
31. Release of Reservation and Double Charges Relief
32. Simultaneous Death, Survivorship Clauses and Deeds of Variation
33. Domicile
34. Double Taxation Relief
35. Works of Art — Conditional Exemption
36. Close Companies
37. Growing Timber, Consecutive Transfers, Associated Operations and Gifts with Reservation
38. Lower Rate for Substantial Charitable Gifts
Inheritance Tax — Settled Property
39. Will Trusts
40. Inter Vivos and Will Trusts
41. Settled Property — Interest in Possession Before and After Finance Act 2006
42. Quick Succession Relief (with Settled Property and the Lower Rate of Inheritance Tax)
43. Tax on Death — Business Property Relief, Settled Property, Quick Succession Relief
44. Settled Property — Release of Life Interest, Sale of Life Interest
45. Settled Property — Annuities
46. Settled Property — Estate Duty Surviving Spouse Exemption
47. Settled Property — Reversionary Interest
48. Relevant Property Settlement Made Before 27 March 1974
49. Relevant Property Settlement Made After 26 March 1974
50. Relevant Property Settlement — Related Settlements, Property Leaving and Reverting to Settlement
51. Relevant Property Settlement — Added Property
52. Protective Trusts; Lease for Life; Discretionary Settlements Created by Will
53. Tax Planning with Trusts for Minors
54. Age 18-to-25 Trusts Converted From Pre-2006 Accumulation and Maintenance Trusts
55. Age 18-to-25 Trusts Under a Will
56. Relevant Property Settlements — Anti-Fragmentation Rules
57. Excluded Property and Inheritance Tax Computations for Settled Property
Capital Gains Tax for Trustees and Personal Representatives
58. Personal Representatives — Capital Gains Tax
59. Termination of Life Interest and Settlor-Interested Settlements —Capital Gains Tax
60. Entrepreneurs’ Relief for Trustees
61. Non-Resident Trusts — Capital Gains Tax Position
Income Tax and Estates
62. Income of the Administration Period — Basic Example
63. Death and Self-Assessment
Income Tax and Trusts
64. Rates of Tax on Trust Income and Payment of Tax
65. Limited (Life) Interest in Estate — Allocation of Income of the Administration Period
66. Life Interest Trust: Income Tax
67. Trust Income Tax — Bare Trusts and Vulnerable Beneficiary Trusts
68. Settlor-Interested Trusts and Parental Trusts
69. Self-Assessment and Trusts
70. Discretionary Trusts — Rates of Tax
71. Accrued Income, Scrip Dividends, Demergers
72. Discretionary Trusts — Income Tax Treatment of Dividends, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax