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ISBN/ISSN: 9780754553847

Product description

Why should you buy Tolley's Property Taxation 2017-18

This leading title provides the most reliable coverage of proposed taxes on property, including CGT, SDLT, VAT and IT. Despite its compact single-volume size, it manages to answer virtually all property tax problems. Detailed chapters cover everything from REITs and other fund vehicles, to capital allowances and rental investments. Authoritative planning advice from leading property tax specialists such as Helen Thompson and Patrick Cannon offer solutions accessible for all.

Updates to this edition include:

  • Supreme Court decisions that will change the way property is assessed for rating
  • Updated analysis of the 2016 FA change to stamp duty relief for company reorganisations
  • New Local Government Finance Bill which is setting out structural changes to property tax from 2017

Featured authors

Table of contents


1. Introduction;
2. Investment versus Dealing by Rachel Kelly, British Property Federation;
3. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) by Peter Beckett, KPMG LLP;
4. Other Fund Vehicles by Matthew Roach and Simon Hart KPMG LLP;
5. Overseas Investors by Geraint Jones;
6. Property Investments – rents by Zigurds Kronbergs, Rosetta Tax LLP;
7. Premiums by Dominic Rayner, KPMG LLP;
8. Development, redevelopment, refurbishment and maintenance by Adrian Wills and Richard Jones, KPMG LLP;
9. Capital Expenditure-allowances by Melissa Malins, Corporate Tax Manager, United Biscuits (UK) Ltd;
10. Relief for interest payable by Satwaki Chanda;
11. Agricultural Land by Julian Palmer, Solicitor ;
12. Woodlands by Julian Palmer, Solicitor;
13. Anti-avoidance by Robin Dabydeen, Winckworth Sherwood LLP;
14. Capital gains tax by Rory Mullan, Barrister;
15. Value added tax by Louise Hemmingsley;
16. Stamp duty land tax by Patrick Cannon, Barrister;
17. Inheritance tax by Chris Erwood, Erwood & Associates Ltd;
18. Environmental taxes by Helen Thompson and Kathryn Sewell;
19. Business Rates by Simon Tivey, National Rating Team Leader & Senior Manager, PwC;
20. Islamic Financing Structures in Real Estate by Irfan Butt, Senior Manager, PwC;
21. Property tax opportunities during economic recovery by Zigurds Kronbergs;
22. Taxation issues facing parties involved in property development by Dominic Rayner