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Tolley's Income Tax 2016-17 Main Annual

Tolley's Income Tax 2016-17 Main Annual is the definitive work on the subject, providing coverage of the relevant statute law, case law and HMRC practice.

Publisher: LNUK
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780754552932
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why you should buy Tolley's Income Tax 2016-17 Main Annual

Tolley's Income Tax, now in its 101st edition but fully tailored to the 21st century, is the definitive work on the subject, providing comprehensive, but straightforward and concise coverage of the relevant statute law, case law and HMRC practice for not only the current year but the last four years as well.

Its alphabetical, topic-organised presentation, with extensive cross-referencing, supported by full details of source materials and a wide-ranging index, will lead you quickly and directly to the information you require. Numerous fully-updated worked examples provide further clarification of the more complex points.

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Table of contents


1 Allowances and Tax Rates
2 Accrued Income Scheme
3 Alternative Finance Arrangements
4 Anti-Avoidance
5 Appeals
6 Assessments
7 Bankruptcy
8 Banks and Building Societies
9 Capital Allowances
10 Capital Allowances on Plant and Machinery
11 Capital Gains Tax
12 Certificates of Deposit
13 Certificates of Tax Deposit
14 Charities
15 Children
16 Claims
17 Community Investment Tax Relief
18 Compensation for Loss of Employment (and Damages)
19 Connected Persons
20 Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
21 Deceased Estates
22 Deduction of Tax at Source
23 Diplomatic Immunity etc.
24 Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes
25 Disguised Remuneration
26 Double Tax Relief
27 Employment Income
28 Enterprise Investment Scheme
29 Exempt Income
30 Exempt Organisations
31 Foreign Income
32 Foster Care etc.
33 Herd Basis
34 HMRC — Administration
35 HMRC — Confidentiality of Information
36 HMRC Explanatory Publications
37 HMRC Extra-Statutory Concessions
38 HMRC Investigatory Powers
39 HMRC Statements of Practice
40 Intellectual Property
41 Interest Payable
42 Late Payment Interest and Penalties
43 Life Assurance Policies
44 Losses
45 Managed Service Companies
46 Married Persons and Civil Partners
47 Mineral Royalties
48 Miscellaneous Income
49 Non-Residents
50 Offshore Funds
51 Partnerships
52 Pay As You Earn
53 Payment of Tax
54 Penalties
55 Pension Income
56 Pension Provision
57 Personal Service Companies etc. (IR35)
58 Post-Cessation Receipts and Expenditure
59 Property Income
60 Remittance Basis
61 Repayment Interest
62 Residence and Domicile
63 Returns
64 Savings and Investment Income
65 Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme
66 Self-Assessment
67 Self-Assessment — Key Dates
68 Self-Employment
69 Settlements
70 Share-Related Employment Income and Exemptions
71 Social Investment Relief
72 Social Security and National Insurance
73 Time Limits — Fixed Dates
74 Time Limits — Variable Dates
75 Trading Income
76 Trading Income — Cash Basis for Small Businesses
77 Trading Income — Fixed Rate Deduction Scheme
78 Transactions in UK Land
79 Underwriters at Lloyd's
80 Unit Trusts etc.
81 Venture Capital Trusts
82 Finance (No 2) Act 2015 — Summary of Income Tax Provisions
83 Finance Act 2016 — Summary of Income Tax Provisions
84 Table of Statutes
85 Table of Statutory Instruments
86 Table of Leading Cases
87 Index