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TolleyLibrary Light MHA Orange Tax Guide

TolleyLibrary Light MHA Orange Tax Guide is the essential guide to the day-to-day application of indirect taxes.
Publisher: LNUK
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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050638007
Publisher: LNUK

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Formerly known as BDO's Orange Tax Guide, this is the essential guide to the day-to-day application of indirect taxes. This title brings you expert commentary on the legislation covered in the Orange Tax Handbook. Written by practitioners for practitioners, it offers advice on issues you may face, ranging from everyday to more complex. Concise coverage of VAT and stamp duties feature alongside expert explanation of relevant sections, regulations with reference to case law, extra-statutory concessions, statements of practice, press releases and HMRC materials.

Table of contents


1. UK Statutes
2. UK Statutory Instruments
3. UK Legislation Appendices
4. EU Treaty
5. EU Regulations
6. EU Directives
7. EU Decisions
1. Statutes
2. Statutory Instruments
3. Appendices
Value Added Tax (UK)
Value Added Tax (EU)
Stamp Taxes