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Local Authority Liability 6th edition

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781784731021
Published: November 30, 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9781784731007
Published: November 30, 2015
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Why you should buy Local Authority Liability

This well-established and popular work provides a comprehensive survey of the legal liabilities of local authorities, written by a team of specialists in local authority liability claims.

It comprises an invaluable overview of the nature and extent of the liability of local authorities, together with specialist chapters on the core areas of activity including education, social services, occupier's liability, employer's liability, highways, environmental damage and trees.

This new edition has been extensively revised and updated to take account of the latest developments, including:

* the extent of the common law duty of care owed by police to victims of crime and duties under the Human Rights Act 1998 (Michael v Chief Constable of South Wales Police), and the duty of care owed by local authorities where performing statutory powers (Furnell v Flaherty)
* vicarious liability in abuse cases (JGE v Trustees of Portsmouth RC Diocesan Trust) and whether local authorities owe a non-delegable duty of care to children in foster care (NA v Nottinghamshire County Council)
* the development of the non-delegable duty owed by schools (Woodland v Essex County Council) and the duty of schools for activities away from school (Wilkins-Shaw v Fuller)
* the requirement of notice of disrepair in cases of statutory covenants (Edwards v Kumarasamy) and various cases on the duty owed by occupiers and those running activities
* coverage of various cases on the Workplace Regulations and the implication of section 69 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013
* the latest case-law dealing with the duty to maintain and statutory defence under sections 41 and 58 of the Highways Act 1980 (TR v Devon County Council and various cases)
* the measured duty of care in cases of natural nuisance (Vernon Knight Associates v Cornwall CC and various cases)
* foreseeability in cases of tree root subsidence (Berent v Family Mosaic Housing, Robbins v LB Bexley, Khan v Harrow Council)

Local Authority Liability (Jordan Publishing) is essential reading for all lawyers dealing with general common law and public sector claims, local authority risk managers and insurance industry professionals dealing with the public sector.