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Tolley's Tax Planning 2016-17

Tolley's Tax Planning 2016-17 the new edition of this established work retains its practical approach to taxation strategies.

Publisher: LNUK
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780754552758
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why you should buy Tolley's Tax Planning 2016-17

The authority on tax planning. Fully updated, the new edition of this established work retains its practical approach to taxation strategies.

Covering the broad range of planning considerations warranted by individuals, partnerships and corporate bodies, it helps you to formulate the best strategy for every client.

Spread across two volumes, the work is written in refreshingly straightforward language by practising experts.

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Table of contents

Volume 1; Table of Cases; Table of Statutes; Buying a Company; Capital Allowances and Related Tax Reliefs on Property; Capital Gains Tax Planning; Charities; Collective Investment Schemes; Company Reorganisations; Controlled Foreign Companies; Corporate Finance – Tax Considerations; Deceased Estates; Directors’ Remuneration; Electronic Commerce; Emigration; Employee Benefits; Employee Benefit Trusts; Employee Share Option and Share Incentive Plans; Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Investment Scheme; Entrepreneurs’ Relief; Family Companies; Farming; Flotation of a Company; Foreign Domiciliaries; Foreign Tax Planning; Franchising; The GAAR, DOTAS, Accelerated Payment Notices and Follower Notices – Legislative Challenges to Tax Avoidance; Group Aspects of Tax Planning; Tax Planning for High Net Worth Individuals; Incorporation of a Business; Insolvency; Intellectual Property; Interest and Currency Management – Loan Relationships; Interest and Currency Management – Derivative Contracts; Interest Relief; Investing in Property; Investment Trust Companies; Index 

Volume 2; Table of Cases; Table of Statutes; Leasing; Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships; Losses; Management Buy-Outs; Marriage and Civil Partnership Breakdown; Medical Practitioners; National Insurance Planning; Non-Resident Entertainers and Sportsmen; Non-Resident UK Investors; Offshore Tax Planning for UK Domiciliaries Through Trusts; Partnership Planning; Passing on the Family Business; Practical Pension Planning; Private Residencies; The Purchase by a Company of its Own Shares; Ramsay and Tax Planning – The Current Position; Remittance Rules; Selling a Company; Share Valuations; Stamp Duty Land Tax; Stock Dividends; Tax Credits; Termination Payments; Trading in the United Kingdom; Trading Overseas; Transfer Pricing; Trusts after Finance Act 2006; Venture Capital Trusts; Working in the United Kingdom; Working Overseas; Year End Tax Planning for Companies; Year End Tax Planning for Individuals; Valuation of Intangible Assets