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Tolley's International Tax Planning 2016-17

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780754552703
Published: November 25, 2016
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Product description

Why should you buy Tolley's International Tax Planning 2016-17

Rely on Tolley's International Tax Planning to have all the answers to the main issues in international tax planning including: Controlled Foreign Companies; EU Law; Double Tax Relief; Withholding Taxes; Transfer Pricing; Foreign Profits; Migration.

Not only comprehensive, this title is also easy-to-use.

It features a series of transactional-driven case studies, an overview of overseas tax systems, and each key topic is illustrated with planning ideas, tables and checklists for effective tax planning.

Table of contents

Technical discussion

A0. Introduction;
A1. Non-UK Resident Companies' Liability to UK Tax;
A2. UK Residents with Overseas Income – Basis of Taxation;
A3. Property;
A4. Permanent Establishment;
A5. Withholding Tax;
A6. Controlled Foreign Companies;
A7. EU Law Principles and Practice;
A8. Double Taxation Agreements;
A9. Residence of Companies;
A10. Double Tax Relief;
A11. Capital Gains Tax;
A12. Clearances;
A13. Transfer Pricing;
A14. Foreign Entity classification;
A15. Tax for Shareholders and Business Owners;
A16. Reform to the Taxation of Foreign Profits;

Topics and case studies

B1. Overseas Company setting up in the UK;
B2. Overseas Company making an acquisition in the UK;
B3. UK companies setting up overseas;
B4. Double tax relief and Consultancy Services;
B5. Establishing a Holding Company;
B6. Financing;
B7. Supply Chain and Intellectual Property;
B8. Re-organisations and Disposals;
B9. Migrations;

Overview of some overseas tax systems

C1. An Overview of some Overseas Tax Systems