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Family Law Case Library (Children) 3rd edition

Publisher: Family Law

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Book + CD
ISBN/ISSN: 9781784731441
Published: July 30, 2015
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Product description

Why you should buy Family Law Case Library (Children)

Busy practitioners find that, when preparing for a conference, drafting a skeleton argument, or before setting off to court, they repeatedly have to search for the same authorities and crucial paragraphs within each authority.

The Family Law Case Library (Children) addresses this need by providing a quick method of sourcing the key extracts from the seminal authorities, all collated into a single volume and presented thematically with cross-references to the full case report in the Family Law Reports (FLR). This valuable time saving reference book takes account of all FLR cases reported up to early 2015, allowing readers to refer to the very latest authority on any topic with confidence.

Includes a CD-ROM.

Table of contents

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Table of Statutory Instruments
List of Abbreviations
Key dates

Division A
Children Act 1989, Pt I

Division B
Children Act 1989, Pt II

Division C
Children Act 1989, Pt III

Division D
Children Act 1989, Pts IV and V

Division E

Division F

Division G
Case management

Division H
Judgment, costs and appeals

Division I