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Cretney and Lush on Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney Eighth edition

The leading work on this difficult and developing area of law.
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781784733766

Product description

Why should you buy Cretney & Lush on Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney

The 8th edition has been significantly updated and expanded and includes:

  • The 2015 prescribed LPA forms and regulations
  • Emanating case-law, including capacity to revoke LPAs and EPAs
  • New chapter of severance cases
  • Extended precedents chapter
  • Extended chapter on the duties of attorneys, covering maintenance and family care payments
  • New section containing Law Society Practice Notes
  • Comparison of former and current OPG guidance

Uniquely, this work provides full guidance on both enduring and lasting powers of attorney. It looks in detail at Lasting Powers of Attorney and the law and procedure relating to their creation and registration, and examines the duties and responsibilities that will remain in relation to existing Enduring Powers of Attorney. Cretney & Lush on Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney contains all relevant legislation, prescribed forms and commentary from leading experts in the field.

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Table of contents

Part I Lasting Powers of Attorney

The History of Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorney
Differences between Enduring Powers of Attorney and Lasting Powers of Attorney
Capacity to Create a Lasting Power of Attorney
Named Persons
Certificate Providers
Execution of a Lasting Power of Attorney
Application to register a Lasting Power of Attorney
Objections to registration
Functions of the Public Guardian
Functions of the Court of Protection
Fees and Costs
Scope of the Attorney’s Authority
Termination of Lasting Power of Attorney
The Code of Practice

Part II Enduring Power of Attorney

Granting an Enduring Power of Attorney
Action Required at Onset of Mental Incapacity
The Authority and Power of an Attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney
The Court of Protection and Enduring Power of Attorney
Revocation, Disclaimer and Termination of Enduring Powers
Appointment of more than One Attorney
Protection of Third Parties
Recognition and enforcement of foreign orders

Part III Common Provisions

The code of practice
Private international law


Statutory Instruments
Lasting Power of Attorney Forms
Enduring Power of Attorney Forms
Court Forms
Case Reports