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APIL Guide to RTA Liability 2nd edition

A major addition to the APIL Guides series on this core area of PI practice.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846613234

Product description

Why should you buy APIL Guide to RTA Liability

The work is broken down into 26 accessible chapters, each focusing on a particular aspect of RTA liability. It includes coverage of the liability of each participant; the particular rules that apply to local authorities, children and schools, public service vehicles, etc; the liability of cyclists and motor cyclists; the specific rules that apply in a range of different circumstances such as low velocity crashes, accidents abroad, etc; and practical guidance on the liability of insures and the MIB.

This new edition has been thoroughly updated and includes coverage of developments in law and practice, including:

  • Claims made in the UK arising from foreign accidents
  • New EC directive consolidating all old RTA Directives
  • Pedestrians run down when drunk
  • Failure to wear a seat belt.
  • What is a motor vehicle? Trail bikes and electric trikes
  • As well as a new section containing draft model pleadings


Laura Begley, Adam Dawson, Aileen Downey, Laura Elfield, Jeremy Ford, Edward Lamb, Robert McAllister, Oliver Millington, Giles Mooney, Linda Nelson, Esther Pounder, Shahram Sharghy, Rajeev Shetty, Christopher Stevenson, Emily Verity, Tara Vindis, Mark Whalan, Christopher Wilson - All Barristers, 9 Gough Square, London

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Table of contents

  • Incidence of RTA Claims in England and Wales
  • RTA Liability - General Principles
  • Low Velocity Crashes
  • Liability for Learner Drivers
  • Owners’ Liability
  • Passengers’ Liability
  • Driver’s Liability – Speed and Braking
  • Driver’s Liability – Overtaking
  • Driver’s Liability – Turning and Side Roads
  • Driver’s Liability – Lighting
  • Driver’s Liability – Traffic Lights
  • Driver’s Liability – Road Sign
  • Driver’s Liability – Roundabouts
  • Pedal Cyclist’s Liability
  • Motor Cyclist’s Liability
  • Emergency Vehicles’ Liability
  • Pedestrians’ Liability
  • Liability of Children and Schools
  • Local Authority Liability
  • Roadside Neighbours’ Liability
  • Liability for Injuries Caused by Animals in Road Traffic Accidents
  • Liability for Spillages and Obstructions on the Highway
  • Public Service Vehicles
  • Road Traffic Accidents Abroad
  • Insurers’s Liability
  • Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s Liability
  • Precedents