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APIL Guide to Occupational Illness Claims Second edition

This guide provides a convenient one-stop source of reference for occupational illness claims.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846613111

Product description

Why should you buy APIL Guide to Occupational Illness Claims

The APIL Guide to Occupational Illness Claims is a practical handbook designed for all those involved in this area of specialist personal injury litigation. It is a one-stop source of reference, which provides:

  • an outline of the myriad statutory provisions which regulate this area and the effective date of those provisions, helping you to identify which provision was in force at the date of exposure
  • the nature and medical background to common occupational illnesses
  • an explanation of the problems associated with complicated expert evidence
  • practical advice on pursuing and valuing the claim, the procedure for restoring companies to the register, etc
  • expertly drafted precedents, draft schedules of damages and model pleadings

The new edition of APIL Guide to Occupational Illness Claims has been completely rewritten by a team of specialist personal injury lawyers, taking into account major changes in law and practice since the first edition of this book.


Chris FrySolicitor and Managing Partner, Unity Law
Catherine Atkinson
, Laura Elfield, Kate LamontGiles Mooney, Guarang NaikRaj Shetty, Chris Stephenson, all of 9 Gough Square Chambers


Since the first edition in 2005 there have been many very important decisions of principle. In this second edition, the opportunity has been taken, not only to update the law, but to refresh and expand much of the text and to bring greater clarity to the matters discussed. For that purpose, a number of professional colleagues have taken over individual sections and brought their experience and expertise to rewriting the original. Read the full preface...

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Table of contents

List of Contributors
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Table of Statutory Instruments

Part 1 - General Principles
  • Occupational Illness
  • Duty and Foreseeability
  • Causation, Apportionment and Contributory Negligence
  • Limitation
Part 2 - Types of Occupational Illnesses
  • Asbestos-related Illnesses
  • Noise-related Conditions
  • Work-related Upper Limb Disorder
  • Vibration White Finger
  • Occupational Stress Claims
Part 3 - Statutory Basis of Claim
  • General Statutory Duty
  • Regulations with Specific Application
Part 4 - Practical Matters
  • Practical Matters
  • Pre-action Protocol for Disease and Illness Claims
  • Evidential Matters
Part 5 - Valuing the Claim
  • General Damages
  • Special Damages
  • Settlement
  • Pleadings
  • Sample Schedule
  • Restoring a Company to the Register
  • Checklists
  • Pre-action Protocol for Disease and Illness Claims

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