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The International Trust 3rd edition

Presents an in-depth analysis of a range of highly topical issues of great significance in the area of international trust law.
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846612725

Product description

Why should you buy The International Trust

The International Trust presents an in-depth analysis of a range of highly topical issues of great significance in the area of international trust law. Under the editorship of a leading trust law specialist, a team of eminent contributors have applied their expertise to addressing a range of subjects at the cutting edge of thinking in this area.

Part I of the book contains the indispensable conflict of laws chapters, each now extensively updated by its original author. Part II covers a wide variety of issues crucial to trust advisers, each updated to take in the latest developments in areas including trusts and finance law, money laundering and trusts, protectors and purpose trusts. Part III contains chapters on Italy and China – jurisdictions in which recent trust law developments have generated considerable international interest. Part IV contains Professor Donovan Waters’ notable chapter on the future of the trust fully updated by the author.



The expression ‘international trust’ is today widely used to refer to a trust that has a connection of legal significance with two or more countries, typically where:

  • a settlor from country A creates a trust governed by the law of country B;
  • a trust governed by the law of country A holds property in country B;
  • a trust governed by the law of country A has a trustee resident in country B.

Before the 1960s international trusts were rarely encountered. They are now commonplace – partly because of the increased mobility of people and money, and partly because of the widespread use of offshore trust centres. Read the full introduction...


In this new edition the aim is as before, namely to provide, in convenient single volume form, practical guidance to international trust practitioners and litigators on a wide range of specialist topics. Once again the material in the book is largely derived from contributions to the loose-leaf encyclopaedia International Trust Laws. Read the full preface...

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Table of contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of National Legislation
  • Table of Conventions and EU Materials
  • Part I - Trusts and the Conflict of Laws
    • Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Transnational
      Trusts Litigation
    • Launching the Rocket–Capacity and the Creation of Inter Vivos
      Transnational Trusts
    • International Recognition of Trusts
  • Part II - Specific Issues
    • Protectors
    • Purpose Trusts
    • Asset Protection Trusts
    • Trading Trusts, Trustees’ Liabilities and Creditors
    • Payment by Trustees of Foreign Taxes
    • Disclosure of Information by Trustees
    • Shams, Revocable Trusts and Retention of Control
    • Trusts, Trustees and the UK Anti Financial Crime Regime
    • Trusts and Finance Law
    • Vista Trusts
    • Forced Heirship and the Trust
  • Part III - Two Particular Jurisdictions
    • Italy: the Trust Interno
    • The People’s Republic of China
  • Part IV
    • The Future of the Trust from a Worldwide Perspective
  • Appendix
  • Index
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