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ISBN/ISSN: 9780406998361
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why you should buy Shawcross and Beaumont: Air Law

This invaluable four-volume looseleaf service includes everything you need to know about aviation law. It deals with international and European law, and its implementation in the United Kingdom drawing on core-law and periodical literature from around the world. Written by a team of specialist editors, it provides comprehensive, informed and up-to-date material on all aspects of aviation law in an easy-to-use format for the busy practitioner.

There is full commentary on the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions and the development of the Single European Sky, and extensive treatment of aviation insurance, competition law as it affects aviation, the law relating to airports, rights in aircraft, the terrorist threat, recent developments relative to climate change and the EU's efforts to regulate emissions, and generally the flight and operation of aircraft worldwide. The volumes also contain the full text of the relevant international conventions, with regularly updated lists of parties, of the fast-growing body of European regulations and directives, as well as statutory and industry materials and IATA forms. Regularly updated and maintained, it is the leading authority on air law and is an invaluable reference tool for those who need to stay at the forefront of this constantly evolving and complex area of law.

Four looseleaf volumes, four service issues approx. per year (invoiced separately on publication).

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Table of contents


Volume 1 - General Text: Introduction to Air Law
Administration of Civil Aviation
Aircraft Operations
Services to Civil Aviation
Carriage by Air
Protection of Civil Aviation
Aviation Insurance
Volume 2 - Treaties
Appendix A: Status of Conventions and Agreements
Appendix B: Text of Multilateral Conventions and Agreement
Appendix C: UK Bilateral Agreements Volume 3 -
Appendix D: EC Materials
Appendix E: Miscellaneous; Volume 4 - UK Legislation
Appendix F: Statutes
Appendix G: Statutory Instruments