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Tristram and Coote's Probate Practice 31st edition

Tristram and Coote's Probate Practice is the definitive work on probate and is extensively referred to by the Probate Registries.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781405745680

Product description

Tristram and Coote's Probate Practice is the definitive work on probate and is extensively referred to by the Probate Registries. This new fully updated edition, fully updated since the previous edition, contains up-to-date, expert guidance on all aspects of probate procedure and is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing precedents recommended by Probate Registrars. The text is written by a team of experts drawn from the judiciary, probate registry and the Capital Taxes Office. and is fully updated to include all new developments since the 30th edition.

The precedents are accepted by the Probate Registry and come recommended, making this new edition essential for all practitioners working within this complex area of the law.

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Table of contents


PART I – THE COMMON FORM PROBATE PRACTICE; 1. The probate jurisdiction of the Family Division; 2. General procedure in registry; 3. Wills and codicils; 4. Probates; 5. Letter of administration with the will annexed; 6. Letters of administration; 7. Minority or life interests and second administrators; 8. Inland Revenue accounts; 9. Trust corporations; 10. Settled land grants; 11. Limited grants; 12. Grant where deceased died domiciled out of England and Wales; 13. Grants ‘de bonis non’—Cessate grants—Double probate; 14. Right of the court to select an administrator—‘Commorientes’; 15. Renunciation and retraction; 16. Amendment and notation of grants; 17. Revocation and impounding of grants; 18. Resealing; 19. Inventory and account; 20. Deposit and registration of wills of living persons; 21. Searches and copies—Exemplifications—Duplicate grants; 22. Affidavits, affirmations and statutory declarations; 23. Caveats; 24. Object of citations; 25. Applications to district judge, registrar or High Court judge (Non-contentious business);

PART II – CONTENTIOUS BUSINESS; 26. Introduction; 27. Claims; 28. Parties to claims; 29. Claim form; 30. Acknowledgement of service; 31. Testamentary documents; 32. Statements of case generally; 33. Particulars of claim; 34. Defence and counterclaim; 35. Reply and subsequent pleadings; 36. Disclosure; 37. Management of multi-track cases; 38. Interim applications; 39. Trial; 40. Costs; 41. Associated actions;

Appendices; Appendix 1: Statutes; Appendix 2: Rules, Orders and Regulations; Appendix 3: Fees (Non-Contentious Business); Appendix 4: Rates of Inheritance Tax and Capital Transfer Tax; Appendix 5: Costs (Non-Contentious Business); Appendix 6: Forms; Appendix 7: Instructions, Statutory Will Forms, Probate Offices