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Fisher and Lightwood's Law of Mortgage 14th edition (Print and eBook)

The book is fully updated to cover all pertinent topics from transferring mortgages to a mortgagee’s remedies.

Publisher: LNUK
Book + eBook
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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050596924
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

The fourteenth edition of this leading text on the law of mortgages gives the practitioner a detailed and significant insight into this area. The book is fully updated to cover all pertinent topics from transferring mortgages to a mortgagee’s remedies. The authors have set all of this in the context of the changing climate of financial law.

Table of contents


1. Mortgages and other securities generally; 2. Mortgages of unregistered land; 3. Mortgages of unregistered land; 4. Registration of mortgages of unregistered land; 5. Mortgages of registered land; 6. Charges; 7. Form and contents of mortgage deed; 8. The extent of the security; 9. Execution and custody of deeds; 10. Variation of the mortgage; 11. Judgments; 12. Charging orders; 13. Statutory charges; 14. Vendor?s lien; 15. Forfeiture and surrender of leasehold security; 16. Mortgages of chattels; 17. Mortgages of things in action; 18. Debentures; 19. Agricultural mortgages and charges; 20. Consumer credit agreements and securities; 21. Second and subsequent mortgages; 22. Parties to mortgages; 23. Void or imperfect securities; 24. Transfer and devolution of mortgages; 25. Sub-mortgages; 26. The mortgagee?s remedies; 27. The personal remedy; 28. The appointment of a receiver; 29. The mortgagee?s right to possession; 30. The mortgagee?s power of sale out of court; 31. Judicial sale; 32. Foreclosure; 33. Insolvency of mortgagor; 34. Priorities of mortgages; 35. Mortgages of the legal estate: unregistered land; 36. Mortgages of the legal estate: registered land; 37. Priority between equitable incumbrances; 38. Tacking; 39. Mortgages of equitable interests: the rule in Dearle v Hall; 40. Priorities: miscellaneous; 41. Priority agreements; 42. Loss of priority: notice; 43. Priority: subrogation; 44. Incidence on the death of the mortgagor; 45. Incidence as between different properties; 46. Consolidation; 47. Redemption; 48. Redemption claims; 49. The release of the debt or security; 50. Waiver; 51. Merger; 52. Destruction or loss of the property and repudiation; 53. Discharge or modification by statute; 54. Accounts; 55. Costs; 56. Taxes