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Data Protection: The New Rules EPDF

Data protection has become a minefield of complex rules and regulations.
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781784732158

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Data protection has become a minefield of complex rules and regulations. Personal data is hedged around with all sorts of controls to ensure its safely from prying eyes. The new Regulation will add to the plethora of laws that effect every organisation, large and small, that handles personal data. The new rules will require many changes to business systems, policies and procedures and the entire approach of the organisation to personal data. Company secretaries and directors will be responsible to see that their companies comply with these new requirements.

This new book condenses a mass of EU and UK documentation into one practical and easy-to-read manual, guiding you through all the relevant changes simply and clearly. It provides comprehensive description of the legal and regulatory provisions, commentary on business requirements, examples and sample data protection and information policies.

This book analyses the regulatory obligations and business requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. This Regulation will replace the existing data protection regime. The book covers both the current regime and the changes to come. Contents include: requirements for consent to data processing; information for data subjects; marketing requirements; data security; outsourcing, including the cloud; data transfer outside the EU; data protection by design and by default; data protection impact assessment; rights of data subjects, including fines and penalties; and record-keeping.

The ePDF is a digital representation of the printed text with identical pagination, linked contents and index but with the added benefits of a keyword search function, ability to bookmark pages, annotate and highlight text. Choose this format if you need an electronic version that looks exactly like print, for example if you need to make page references in court.

Table of contents

Part 1. 
•The Current Regime: Introduction
•Notification System
•Rights of Access
•Other Rights
•Security and Outsourcing
•Sending Personal Data Abroad
•Remaining Obligations
•Enforcement and Compliance

Part 2.
•The New Regime: Data Protection 2016
•General Principles
•Data Processing and Security
•Special Categories of Data
•Rights of the Data Subject
•Sample Data Protection Policy and Information Security Policy
•Breach Notification Form
•Personal Information Online Checklist
•Guide to Outsourcing
•Guide to IT Security
•Direct Marketing Checklist
•Handling Subject Access Requests