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APIL Guide to Noise Claims

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846619281
Published: April 14, 2016
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Product description

Why should you buy APIL Guide to Noise Claims

The APIL Guide to Noise Claims is an essential reference guide for claimant lawyers engaged in industrial deafness work.

The practical commentary covers the following matters:

* Dealing with a deafness enquiry
* Comprehensive analysis of the regulatory framework and the issue of limitation in bringing claims
* Effective collection of lay evidence, and expert medical and acoustic engineering evidence
* How to analyse audiograms against the Coles, Lutman & Buffin 'Guidelines on the Diagnosis of Noise Induced Hearing Loss for Medico-Legal Purposes'
* How to work out noise immission levels saving substantial time and expense in utilising experts and improving risk management
* Managing a claim in the portal
* Quantum

In addition to the practical commentary, there are several precedents including a Letter of Claim, Pre-Action Disclosure Application and Pleadings.