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Erskine May: Parliamentary Practice 24ed (Print and eBook)

Book + eBook
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781405765435

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Why should you buy Erskine May: Parliamentary Practice 24ed (Print and eBook)

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This set contains both the hardcopy and eBook versions at one special price.

Erskine May is the eponymous guide to parliamentary practice and procedure, providing accurate and detailed information on the constituent parts of Parliament, its powers and jurisdictions, membership of either House, financial procedure and the process of debate.

What’s new to this 24th Edition:

  • Developments in relation to Parliamentary Privilege (respective roles of Parliament and the courts, the search of a Member’s office, the Parliamentary Standards Act)
  • Changes in the role of the House of Lords relating to the creation of the Supreme Court
  • Developments in Parliamentary procedure including:
    • the first use of the procedure to elect a new Speaker by secret ballot; deputy speakers are also elected in this way for the first time;
    • the creation of evidence taking Public Bill Committees;
    • introduction of topical debates;
    • developments in select committee practice notably the election of select committee Chairs;
    • the establishment of a Backbench Business Committee
      • Changes in the structure of the House Service
      • The impact on procedural and practical issues of the formation of a Coalition Government
      • Significant changes to Members’ expenses which affect Parliament

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