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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846618017
Published: February 27, 2014
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Product description

Why you should buy APIL Guide to Catastrophic Injury Claims Second edition

The management of catastrophic injury claims is complex. They involve detailed and ongoing care and rehabilitation regimes; sophisticated case management involving technical procedural matters often involving the Court of Protection, significant use of expert evidence, as well as complicated settlement and financial structures including periodical payment orders.

Involving numerous experts of different disciplines, these claims require the practitioner to 'marshal' and manage the team, as well as particular requirements regarding client care. The APIL Guide to Catastrophic Injury Claims provides a guide to best practice in the complex area of catastrophic injury litigation. The text provides guidance on case management, practical help in dealing with and addressing issues of expert evidence, an in-depth discussion of damages and an analysis of relevant primary source material.

This new edition includes:

* New chapters on Neuro-rehabilitation, Birth Brain Injuries and Radiology
* Impact of the Jackson Reforms
* Cost budgeting
* Developments in Court of Protection jurisdiction

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Table of contents


•First Stages
•Capacity and Court of Protection
•Quantum: Interim Payments
•Documentary and Witness Evidence
•Expert Evidence
•Care and Case Management
•Traumatic Brain Injury
•Birth Brain Injury
•Birth Injury Causation
•Spinal Cord Injuries
•Psychiatric Injury
•Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Traumatic Amputatees
•Quantum: Schedules, PSLA, Special Damages, Heads of Loss and Provisional Damages
•Future Loss: Lump Sum Awards, Multiplicands and Multipliers
•Periodical Payment Orders
•Statutory Benefits (including Recoupment) and Services
•Fraud and Malingering
•Settlement and ADR