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Laddie, Prescott and Vitoria: The Modern Law of Copyright and Designs 4ed eBook

Laddie, Prescott & Vitoria on The Modern Law of Copyright and Designs, now in its fourth edition, takes account of important changes from EC directives since the third edition and reflects current industry practice.

Publisher: LNUK
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781405764995
Publisher: LNUK

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Available in eBook format for the first time. For more information on LexisNexis eBooks, please visit eBooks FAQ page.

Now in its fourth edition, Laddie, Prescott & Vitoria on The Modern Law of Copyright and Designs takes account of important changes from EC directives since the third edition and reflects current industry practice.

Fully updated in three volumes, the book considers the main aspects of copyright and performers' rights, which are now closely related. It examines literary, dramatic and musical works regarded as original works; sound recordings; broadcasting; infringements and ownership of copyright and performers' rights; licences; and registered and unregistered designs.

This is the unrivalled authority on all issues that are important to those practising in the field of copyright, especially solicitors, barristers, patent agents, IP academics, the judiciary, in-house lawyers, publishers and collecting societies. Fully comprehensive and accessible, with worked examples and in-depth discussions, it contains all the historical and contextual material needed to ensure the practitioner is expertly briefed in this complex and fast-moving area of law.

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Table of contents

Volume 1: 
1. Bird's eye view;
2. Invalid legislation;
3. Literary, dramatic and musical works; films regarded as original works;
4. Artistic works;
5. Subsistence of copyright in original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works;
6. Sound recordings;
7. Films (regarded as first fixations);
8. Broadcasts;
9. Typographical arrangements;
10. The term of copyright protection;
11. The publication right: acquisition of quasi-copyright in derelict;
12. Rights in performances;
13. Moral rights;
14. The reproduction right;
15. The distribution right;
16. The public performance right;
17. The communication right;
18. The rental and lending rights;
19. The authorisation right;
20. Secondary infringements;
21. The rights of the public: permitted acts;
22. First ownership;
23. Transmission of title (i): death, bankruptcy and winding-up;
24. Transmission of title (ii): assignments and mortgages;
25. Voluntary licences - architects' agreements - publishing agreements - recording contracts - compulsory licences;
26. Collective licensing and collecting societies;
27. The Copyright Tribunal;
28. Equitable remuneration in respect of the rental right;
29. Remuneration for lending;
30. Equitable remuneration for performers in respect of the playing of records;
31. Artist's Resale Right;
32. Rights in databases;

Volume 2:
33. Anti-competitive practices, EC law and free movement of goods;
34. Parallel imports; 35. Special provisions as to libraries and archives;
36. Computers and copyright;
37. The internet;
38; Encryption;
39. Crown and Parliamentary copyright and Related Topics;
40. Characters;
41. TV Formats;
42. Molecules;
43. Copyright and Industrially Applied Designs;
44. Introduction: UK unregistered design right and CUDR;
45. UKUDR - what designs are protected;
46. UKUDR - Qualification for design right and term;
47. UKUDR - Interests in design right and Crown use;
48. Infringement and Threats proceedings;
49. CUDR;
50. UKUDR - Semiconductor Topographies;
51. Introduction to and history of registered design legislation;
52. Overview of UK registered designs;
53. Overview of Community registered designs;
54. Registrable designs;
55. Validity;
56. Design Registry procedure and appeals to RDAT;
57. Term and Restoration;
58. Interests in Registered Designs and Crown Use;
59. Infringement;
60. Threats;
61. Civil proceedings;
62. Criminal proceedings;
63. Customs seizure;
64. UK Taxation