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Webinar Directors' Duties under the Companies Act

Webinar Directors' Duties under the Companies Act will deal many aspects of directors duties.
Publisher: LNUK
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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050688829
Publisher: LNUK

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Why you should buy Webinar Directors' Duties under the Companies Act

Directors' duties form an important part of UK company law, and although not exhaustive their codification in the Companies Act 2006 demonstrates this.

This webinar will deal many aspects of directors' duties, including:

• Sources: Where are the duties to be found?
• Directors: Who owes the duties? Placing a particular spotlight on de facto directors and shadow directors in light of the recent legislative changes such as SBEEA 2015
• Beneficiaries: To whom are the duties owed? Discussion with a particular spotlight on insolvency situations
• Duties: What exactly are the duties? Consideration of recent developments
• Remedies: What relief can be obtained against a director for breach of the duties?
• Relief: When and how may a director be relieved from liability?

The webinar will be available for 12 months from the broadcast date.

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