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Financial Remedies Handbook 11th Edition

The Financial Remedies Handbook (formerly entitled the Ancillary Relief Handbook) has established itself as a first resort for thousands of matrimonial lawyers.

Publisher: Family Law
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781784733254
Publisher: Family Law

Product description

Why should you buy Financial Remedies Handbook

The Financial Remedies Handbook (formerly entitled the Ancillary Relief Handbook) has established itself as a first resort for thousands of matrimonial lawyers. By combining a clear explanation of the applicable legal principles with straightforward advice on practice and procedure, this is the essential reference work for the busy family lawyer.

This new edition has been thoroughly revised with an additional chapter on arbitration, and contains detailed analysis and practical guidance on all relevant case-law developments.

Key topics include:

  • Transfer of Property Orders and Housing Needs 
  • Settlement of Property Orders and Variation of Settlements 
  • Avoidance of Disposition and Other Injunctions 
  • Insolvency and Rights of Creditors 
  • Costs 
  • Appeals and Setting Aside 
  • The Appendices contain a wide range of precedents and relevant legislative provisions.

Read extracts from this edition: Contents, Preface, Foreword.


"there cannot be a family law practitioner anywhere, at least not in England and Wales -- who isn't grateful for the very existence of Roger Bird's 'Financial Remedies Handbook' co-authored by Andy King ... held in the highest esteem for its erudition and staunch reliability within this difficult area of law ... the go-to (or turn-to) practitioner's handbook which fortunately, considering the complexity of the subject, is written in an accessible, plain-English style. Containing clearly explained advice and comment on practice and procedure, the book's essentially practical approach is ideal for the hard-pressed family practitioner under pressure" Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

“this title has deservedly become a standard reference text within the profession; this latest edition (7th edition) ensures the title will remain as relevant as ever it was”  Family Law

 "a masterly review of a complex subject matter ... explains with clarity the salient issues ... guaranteed to give information and reassurance whenever the family practitioner needs it"  Margaret McDonald Daw, Senior Lecturer in Law and Practising Solicitor, School of Law, The Manchester Metropolitan University

"the author writes with authority and academic excellence ... full of useful guidance ... practitioners and law students will find this a useful and readable work, and a very helpful addition to their reference library" Solicitors Journal

"a book such as this is greatly needed"  The Legal Executive Journal

"does exactly what it clearly sets out to do ... provides a handbook of readily digestible chapters on all aspects of ancillary relief ... a welcome addition to any family practitioner's library"  New Law Journal

"an authorative and concise reference book, with clear supporting material"  ALC Newsletter

" the compact Swiss Army knife for sorting out matrimonial finance on divorce... ought to be in the armoury of any ancillary relief practitioner... don't go to your client or to court without it."  Family Law journal

"user friendly... an authoritative and concise exposition... with plenty of supporting material, creating a readable and practical reference book"  Association of Lawyers for Children

"already well established as a first resort for thousands of matrimonial lawyers, this new edition is certain to continue that tradition"  Childright

“a useful and compact guide for the daily intricacies of ancillary relief … an excellent guide for a newly qualified practitioner and will provide a valuable aide-memoire for the more experienced lawyer”  Family Law

"compact … user friendly … great support materials for the modern litigant ... a very fine book" Elizabeth Robson Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers and Phillip Taylor MBE, Head of Chambers and Reviews Editor,The Barrister

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Table of contents

* Introduction to ancillary relief 
* Periodical payments
* Secured periodical payments
* Lump sum orders
* Transfer of property orders and housing needs
* Settlement of property orders and variation of settlements
* Orders for sale
* Avoidance of disposition and other injunctions
* Consent orders
* Pensions
* Children
* Insolvency and rights of creditors
* Variation
* Miscellaneous applications
* Financial relief after overseas divorce
* Procedure
* Costs
* Appeals and setting aside
* Enforcement
* The impact of the Human Rights Act 1998
* The proceeds of Crime Act 2002
* Future developments
* A summing up
* Appendices: Precedents and Legislation