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Contact: The New Deal

An essential book for advising and assisting on residence and contact issues
Publisher: Family Law
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780853089735
Publisher: Family Law

Product description

Why should you buy Contact: The New Deal


Contact: The New Deal brings together all the key recent statutory and non-statutory changes affecting and informing this important area of the law.

This book:

  • Provides a comprehensive guide to the new contact provisions contained in the forthcoming Children and Adoption Act 2006
  • Covers developments in mediation, collaborative law and information provision and includes an evaluation of the new parenting plans
  • Analyses the Private Law Programme, in-court conciliation and the important changes to the role and approach of CAFCASS
  • Examines the developments in the court's treatment of contact cases in which domestic violence is alleged
  • Summarises the main legal principles and relevant case law
  • Provides an overview of the key research and sets out the rationale for reform
  • Also addresses the topical issues of family court openness and the voice of the child

The text is supplemented by key statutory materials (including the Children and Adoption Act 2006).


"a truly excellent book ... required reading for all in the Family Justice System" from the foreword by the Hon Mr Justice McFarlane

"authoritative, comprehensive and well-written ... easy to read and to use" Family Affairs - the magazine of the FLBA

"a timely and comprehensive addition to the family practitioner's library ... a book that should draw generous praise from all quarters" Association of Lawyers for Children

"impressively wide-ranging ... penetrative ... rigorous ... user-friendly ... deserves the widest readership from all those, lawyers and non lawyers alike, who have an interest in the past and future of the family law" Counsel Magazine

"Contact Rights and Responsibilities and How Much Contact are a must read chapter" Professional Social Work

"This book is simply compulsory reading ... all McKenzie friends and those representing themselves should have it. All judges and family lawyers should read it" Families Need Fathers

"A fundamental tool for court practice as well as an interesting read ... full of useful quotations, research and up-to-date-minute law, this is certainly a text to dip in and out of. In particular, the substantial appendices offer an excellent single point of reference" Seen and heard

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Table of contents

The Importance of Contact and the Need for Change
From Past Prejudices to Present Priorities: A Brief History of Parenting Time
Principles, Presumptions, Rights and Responsibilities: An Overview of the Current Law
Alternative Routes to Better Solutions
Towards a Better Court Service for Children
Domestic Violence, Contact and the Courts
Making Contact Happen: The Impact of the Children and Adoption Act 2006
Beyond the Next Steps
Deal or No Deal?
Children Act 1989 (material parts, incorporating prospective amendments introduced by Children and Adoption Act 2006)
Children and Adoption Act 2006
Human Rights Act 1998
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
President's Guidance - The Private Law Programme
The CASC Guidelines
The HMICA Recommendations
Compendium of useful organisations, addresses and websites