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Child Abuse 3rd edition

A practical account of the range of civil and criminal proceedings in child abuse cases
Publisher: Family Law
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780853085768
Publisher: Family Law

Product description

Why should you buy Child Abuse


The third edition of this unrivalled text provides an inexpensive and comprehensive explanation of the complex legal framework that surrounds child abuse, written for all professionals and agencies responsible for protecting children.

This third edition has been completely revised to reflect the extensive changes to the law and now takes account of:

  • amendments to the Children Act 1989
  • the introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998
  • the Protection of Children Act 1999
  • the Care Standards Act 2000
  • the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000
  • the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999
  • the several enquiries arising from failures in the child protection scheme
  • the establishment of CAFCASS


"this excellent text has been completely revised to take account of the numerous recent reforms ... essential for all those professionals and agencies responsible for protecting children, including judges, lawyers, guardians and social, health and education workers." Childright

"all practitioners in public child care cases will find this book packed full of new insights and essential reading" New Law Journal

"undoubtedly the most comprehensive and thorough book I have read on the subject of child abuse ... an absolutely essential text for lawyers and practitioners" New Law Journal

"essential reference point for both lawyers and social work practitioners dealing with child abuse" Adoption and Fostering

"comprehensive and very informative" Children Panel Newsletter

"very useful for solicitors, social workers and others involved in the work of child protection" Journal of the Law Society of Scotland

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Table of contents

- Introduction: the national and international legal and social policy context
- Forms of child abuse
- Issues in child abuse
- The legal framework
- The identification, investigation and initiation of proceedings
- Inter-agency co-operation
- Civil proceedings: care and supervision order proceedings in the family proceedings court, the county court and the High
- Court and the making of secure accommodation orders
- Evidence and procedure in civil child abuse cases
- Criminal proceedings
- Grounds of criminal liability
- The pre-trial process
- The criminal trial
- Sentencing
- The rights of victims and compensation
- Contact
- Representations procedures and judicial review
- Child abuse and child protection: into the next millennium

With contributions from:
Cathy Cobley, Lecturer in Law, Cardiff Law School, University of Wales
Stephanie Petrie, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Liverpool
Caroline Reid, Barrister, 14 Gray's Inn Square