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Care Standards: A Practical Guide Second edition

A guide to the regulatory requirements placed upon residential care in registered homes.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846611995

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Care Standards: A Practical Guide, written by Paul Ridout and a team of specialist contributors, is a popular and detailed guide to the various regulatory requirements placed upon residential care in registered homes.

This new edition has been significantly rewritten to reflect important changes in the law since the previous edition, including the enactment of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 which established the Care Quality Commission and the new Tribunal system affecting the Care Standards Tribunal.

Care Standards: A Practical Guide is essential reading for care home owners, those advising them or their residents and all those involved in implementing the care standards regime.


"This book explains the regulations and national minimum standards in plain language, which is easily understood whilst remaining comprehensive. An excellent point of reference ..."  ALC

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Table of contents

- Care Businesses and their Regulation
- Participants in the Operation of a Registered Care Home
- Establishments, Agencies and Regulated Activities
- Applications for Registration
- Carrying on a Care Establishment or Agency
- Recruitment
- The Physical Environment
- Service and Accommodation Contracts for Care Homes
- Inspection of Registered Establishments and Agencies
- Regulation and Regulatory Action
- Appeals
- Funding Care Homes
- Purchase, Sale and Funding of Care Homes

With contributions from:
Christopher Axford, Druces LLP
Phillip Boyd, Barrister
Makbool Javaid, Simon Muirhead & Burton
Jonny Landau, Ridouts LLP
Stuart Marchant, Ridouts LLP
Emily Talbot, Ridouts LLP