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Employment Guide to Procedures

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846619670
Published: March 30, 2015
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Product description

Why you should buy Employment Guide to Procedures

Employers who have robust systems and procedures in place, the right paper trail, and the right documents, stand a much greater chance of successfully resisting employment tribunal claims and other claims than those employers who do not.

This guide explains how employment law can be used to the company's advantage by clearly stating what companies need to know, and in many cases, why.

Employment Guide to Procedures (Jordan Publishing) explains:

* What systems and procedures you need, why you need them, and what can go wrong if you do not have them in place
* How to recruit fairly
* The different forms of employment relationship you may have with your staff, job descriptions, staff handbooks, personnel files, tax and national insurance
* How employees can sue you in tribunals, personal injury claims and data protection infringement claims
* How to protect your intellectual property from theft by employees
* The importance of the need to have systems and practices in place from the start

The Guide also includes:

* Template documents providing guidance on what should be contained in an employment contract, terms and conditions of employment and the staff handbook
* Samples of Temporary Worker Agreements and Consultancy Agreements

This is all presented in an accessible and easy to digest way, with no jargon.