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Tolley's Employment Handbook 30th edition

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780754553106
Published: June 27, 2016
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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050661041
Published: June 27, 2016
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780754552604
Published: June 27, 2016
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Product description

Why should you buy Tolley's Employment Handbook 30th edition

The latest directives and legislation in the evolving area of employment law.

This popular handbook is presented in alphabetical order, ensuring you have the A-Z of employment law at your fingertips. Both routine and complex subjects are covered, and with chapters written by the highly experienced 11 KBW, this new edition is guaranteed to contain expert, reliable and up to date content.

Important recent developments considered in this edition include:

* The impact of the recent Trade Union Act on industrial action and balloting
* Guidance on the new National Living Wage in April 2016
* Continuing case law on holiday pay following Bear Scotland v Fulton last year

Table of contents


1. Introduction
2. Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS)3. ACAS Conciliation
4. Children and Young Persons
5. Codes of Practice
6. Collective Agreements
7. Continuous Employment
8. Contract of Employment
9. Directors
10. Disclosure of Information
11. Discrimination and Equal Opportunities – I
12. Discrimination and Equal Opportunities – II
13. Discrimination and Equal Opportunities – III
14. Education and Training
15. Employee, Self-Employed or Worker
>16. Employee Participation
17. Employee’s Past Criminal Convictions
18. Employment Tribunals I
19. Employment Tribunals II
20. Employment Tribunals III
21. Engagement of Employees
22. Equal Pay
23. European Union Law
24. Financial Penalties on Employers
25. Foreign Employees
26. Health and Safety at Work I
27. Health and Safety at Work II
28. Holidays
29. Human Rights
30. Insolvency of Employer
31. Maternity and Parental Rights
32. Part-Time Workers
33. Pay I
34. Pay II
35. Probationary Employees
36. Public Sector Employees
37. Redundancy I
38. Redundancy II
39. References
40. Restraint of Trade and Confidential Information
41. Retirement
42. Service Lettings
43. Sickness and Sick Pay
44. Strikes and Industrial Action
45. Taxation
46. Temporary and Seasonal Employees
47. Termination of Employment
48. Time Off Work
49. Trade Unions I
50. Trade Unions II
51. Transfer of Undertakings
52. Unfair Dismissal I
53. Unfair Dismissal II
54. Unfair Dismissal III
55. Vicarious Liability
56. Working Time
57. Wrongful Dismissal