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Cook on Costs 2017

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ISBN/ISSN: Z00005066203X
Published: November 28, 2016
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781405799966
Published: November 28, 2016
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Why should you buy Cook on Costs 2017

Nobody who wishes to understand the principles and practice of legal costs should be without a copy. This well-established title returns fully updated but retaining its practical stance, Cook on Costs 2017 offers clear and straightforward explanations of every aspect (except criminal costs) of the remuneration of solicitors and barristers. Using a dual approach, the text both informs and guides you through all aspects of the costs of contentious and non-contentious legal business.

Table of contents

Part 1 Solicitor and client

Chapter 1 The Retainer
Chapter 2 Billing the client
Chapter 3 Recovery of costs from clients Part II Funding; Chapter 4 Creating Conditional Fee Agreements
Chapter 5 Running Cases with Conditional Fee Agreements
Chapter 6 'Old' Conditional Fee Agreements and ATE insurance
Chapter 7 Damages-Based Agreements
Chapter 8 Contentious and Non-Contentious Business Agreements
Chapter 9 Insurance Arrangements
Chapter 10 State and Commercial Funding Part III Between the parties; Chapter 11 An Overview of the Key Costs Amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules
Chapter 12 The Indemnity Principle
Chapter 13 Prospective Costs Control – Introduction
Chapter 14 Prospective Costs Control – Proportionality
Chapter 15 Prospective Costs Control – Costs and Cases Management
Chapter 16 Prospective Control of Costs – The Relevance of Costs Budgets in Cases Not Costs Managed
Chapter 17 Prospective Costs Control – Costs Capping
Chapter 18 Prospective Control of Costs – Protective Costs Orders
Chapter 19 Prospective Costs Orders – Security for Costs
Chapter 20 Costs Inducements to Settle – Part 36 Offers and other Admissible Offers
Chapter 21 Costs Inducements to Settle – ADR
Chapter 22 Costs Awards Between the Parties
Chapter 23 Wasted Costs Orders
Chapter 24 The Bases of Costs
Chapter 25 Payment on Account of Costs Part IV Quantification of costs; Chapter 26 Fixed Costs
Chapter 27 Summary Assessment
Chapter 28 Detailed Assessment – Procedure
Chapter 29 Detailed Assessment – Statements of Case
Chapter 30 Detailed Assessment – provisional assessment
Chapter 31 Time and Value
Chapter 32 Interest on Costs
Chapter 33 Appeals against Assessments Part V Special cases; Chapter 34 Children and Protected Parties
Chapter 35 Litigants in Person
Chapter 36 Costs payable under a contract
Chapter 37 Group (Multi-Party) Litigation Orders
Chapter 38 Trustees and personal representatives
Chapter 39 Family proceedings
Chapter 40 Costs against Non-Parties
Chapter 41 Arbitration