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UK Competition Law Reports

Provides a comprehensive reporting service for cases and decisions made under the Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002.
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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050714145

Product description

Why should you subscribe to UK Competition Law Reports

 UK Competition Law Reports, available as a print subscription or as part of LexisLibrary., provides a comprehensive reporting service for cases and decisions made under the Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002, as well as those under Arts 101 and 102 TFEU in the UK.

The Reports bring together in one fully indexed source the case-law of the Competition Appeal Tribunal, case-law of the UK courts, all relevant new guidelines, and infringement decisions from the Competition and Markets Authority (‘CMA’), and material from concurrent regulators. Compiled by a distinguished team of competition law experts, they are presented in an easily accessible format, offering a time-saving way of keeping fully up to date.

UK Competition Law Reports are a time-saving source that helps you quickly find relevant information, covering decisions, reports, cases, guidelines, rules and forms and are essential reading for anyone advising on the Competition Act and Enterprise Act in practice.

Each issue contains the latest information under these headings:

  • Competition Appeal Reports
  • Competition Act 1998 and Arts 101 and 102 TFEU
  • Cases
  • Decisions
  • Guidelines, rules, form
  • Enterprise Act 2002
  • Merger Reports
  • Market Investigation References
  • The Cartel Offence
  • Guidelines and other material

Editors Board:

Simon Baker BA (Econ), MA (Econ) Partner, RBB Economics
Jonathan Faull BA, LLM, Director General of Justice and Home Affairs, European Commission Brussels; Professor of Law, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Elizabeth McKnight BA, LLM, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills
George Peretz BA (Oxon), Barrister, Monckton Chambers
Aidan Robertson QC MA, LLM (Cantab), Barrister, Brick Court Chambers
JudgeChristopher Vajda Court of Justice of the European Union
David Vaughan CBE, QC Brick Court Chambers
Cento Veljanovski BEc, MEc, DPhil Managing Partner, Case Associates, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London

Featured authors

Table of contents

[2017] UKCLR 427-596
[2017] CompAR 257-302 Issue 5

  • Dorothy Gibson v Pride Mobility Products Ltd (Case No 1257/7/7/16)
    [2017] CAT 9 [2017] CompAR 257, CAT
  • Decision of the Competition and Markets Authority: Conduct in the modelling sector (Case CE/9859-14)
    [2017] UKCLR 427