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Whillans's Tax Tables 2016-17 Set (Budget edition & Finance Act edition)

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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050644414
Published: October 29, 2014
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Product description

Why should you buy Whillans's Tax Tables 2016-17 Set (Budget edition & Finance Act edition)

This set contains both the Budget and Finance Act editions of the 2016 Whillans's Tax Tables at one special price.

Known and respected for their accuracy, Whillans's Tax Tables contain all the data you need in practice. With the latest tax rates, allowances and reliefs, Whillans enables you to quickly make calculations with accurate data. The easy-to-use layout and concise expert commentary by our technical team ensure you have exactly the right level of information on your desktop.

Table of contents


Quick reference table; Tax calendar 2016-2017;

ADMINISTRATION; Bank base rates; Due dates of tax; Harmonised interest regime; Interest on overdue tax; Interest on overpaid tax; Remission of tax; Special relief; Certificates of tax deposit; Student loan deductions; Filing dates; Penalties; Time limits for claims and elections; Exchanges; Applications for clearances and approvals;


CAPITAL GAINS; Annual exemption; Chattel exemption; Rates of tax; Share identification rules; Entrepreneur's relief; Leases; Reliefs; Indexation allowance - corporation tax; Retail prices index;

CORPORATION TAX; Rates; Reliefs; Diverted profits tax; Bank corporation tax surcharge; Annual tax on enveloped dwellings;

ENIVRONMENTAL TAXES AND OTHER LEVIES; Aggregates levy; Air passenger duty; Bank levy; Climate change levy; Fuel duty; Insurance premium tax; Landfill tax; Scottish landfill tax; Vehicle excise duty;

INCOME TAX; Rates; Reliefs; Trusts and subcontractors; Child benefit charge; Scottish rate of income tax; Cars, vans and related benefits and allowances; Charities; Employment benefits and expenses payments; Employment exemption; Employment income; Fixed rate expenses; Investment reliefs, Miscellaneous reliefs; Simplified fixed rate deductions; Capped income tax reliefs; Pension provision from 6 April 2006; Share schemes; Tax credits;

INHERITANCE TAX; Rates of tax; Delivery of accounts: due dates; Delivery of accounts: excepted transfers, etc; Reliefs;

NATIONAL INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS; Contribution rates; Employers’ contributions: benefits in kind;

OVERSEAS; Average rates of exchange; Rates of exchange on year-end dates; Double taxation agreements; Overseas income - basis of assessment; Tax-free (FOTRA) securities;

SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS; taxable benefits; Non-taxable benefits; STAMP TAXES; Stamp duty land tax; Exemptions and reliefs; Land and buildings transaction tax (Scotland); Other stamp taxes; Interest and penalties;

VALUE ADDED TAX; Rates; Registration limits; Deregistration limits; Annual and cash accounting scheme; Flat-rate scheme for small businesses; Partial exemption; Capital goods scheme; Zero-rated, reduced rate, exempt supplies; EC sales lists and country codes; Intrastat;

VAT MOSS; Car fuel; Interest, penalties and surcharges; Index