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APIL Personal Injury: Law, Practice and Precedents

Designed and written by leading claimant lawyers, is a comprehensive and practical reference work dealing with every aspect of personal injury practice.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780853089933

Product description

Why should you subscribe to APIL Personal Injury: Law, Practice and Precedents

Designed and written by leading claimant lawyers, APIL Personal Injury Law, Practice and Precedents, available in print or as part of LexisLibrary, is a comprehensive and practical reference work dealing with every aspect of personal injury practice. Combining authoritative commentary, expertly drafted precedents and other key materials, it is the ideal resource for all claimant lawyers.

What is included:

  • Commentary 
    Leading practitioners provide detailed and practical analysis on the basis of liability for each of the major types of personal injury actions, together with a thorough examination of the law relating to limitation, damages, funding and costs. The practice and procedure relating to PI claims is dealt with comprehensively and with particular emphasis placed on the needs of claimant lawyers.
  • Legislation and Procedure 
    Over 60 key statutes and statutory instruments as well as extracts from the Civil Procedure Rules.
  • Precedents 
    Expertly drafted precedents including over 70 model letters, 40 pleadings, draft applications, and model schedules of loss are provided.
  • Agreements 
    The full text of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Agreement 2008 and both the Untraced and Uninsured Drivers? Agreements are reproduced, together with the text of the Highway Code.
  • Quantum materials 
    Key materials such as the Ogden Tables and JSB Guidelines are included, as well as key statistics and calculations such as Multipliers for Periodic Loss, Interim Life Tables, Earnings, Interest, Prices, Income Tax and NI, Social Security Benefits, Court of Protection Fees, Motoring Costs, Fostering Costs, Nursing Costs and many more.
  • Funding and Costs 
    Model CFA agreements, Solicitors Regulation Authority materials, model risk assessments, court forms and APIL/PIBA 6.


Sophie Beesley, Barrister, Old Square Chambers; Sana Bibi, Partner, Anthony Gold; Margaret Bickford-Smith QC, Crown Office Chambers; Ben Bradley, Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers; Richard Copnall, Barrister, Park Lane Plowden Chambers; Richard Cropper, IFO, Personal Financial Planning; Sarah Crowther, Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers; Robert Dickason, Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers; Christopher Edwards, Barrister, Old Square Chambers; Gordon Exall, Barrister, Zenith Chambers; Dominic Fairclough, Partner, Russell-Cooke; Katherine Fudakowski, Barrister, Old Square Chambers; Christopher Gibson QC, Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers; Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC, 1 Crown Office Row; Ian Gunn, Director, Personal Financial Planning Limited; Mark Harvey, Partner and Head of Claimant Division, Hugh James; Kirsten Heaven, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers; Martin Huseyin, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers; Michael Imperato, Watkins & Gunn; Douglas James, Barrister, Crown Office Chambers; Malcolm Johnson, Senior Solicitor, Hudgell Solicitors; Jerard Knott, Head of Medical Negligence & Serious Injury, Curtis Law Solicitors; Harry Lambert, Barrister, Crown Office Chambers; Christopher Limb, Barrister, 18 St John Street Chambers; Isabel McArdle, 1 Crown Office Row; Fran McDonald, Barrister, Old Square Chambers; John McQuater, Head of Personal Injury, Atherton Godfrey; Jan Markland, Partner, Augustines Injury Law; Daniel Neill, Barrister, Guildhall Chambers; Ian Potter, Solicitor, Wrigleys Solicitors; Louise Price, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers; David Robinson, National Professional Support Lawyer for Personal Injury and Senior Serious Injury Solicitor, Thompsons Solicitors; Ben Rodgers, Barrister, 9 Gough Square; Amy Rollings, Barrister, Nine St John Street Adam Samuel, Barrister, Old Square Chambers; Arti Shah, Associate, Fieldfisher LLP; John Snell, Barrister, Guildhall Chambers; Abigail Stamp, Barrister, Guildhall Chambers; Catriona Stirling, Barrister, Cloisters; Matthew Stockwell, Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers; Austin Thornton, Solicitor, Wrigleys Solicitors; Tim Wallis, Mediator and Solicitor, Trust Mediation and Expedite Resolution; Marcus Weatherby, Partner, Pattinson & Brewer; Andrew Wilson, Solicitor and Legal Consultant

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Table of contents

Issue 52, March 2019

Issue 52 contains amendments to Divisions B, C, D, E, F and H as follows:

Division B (Limitation) – Andrew Wilson has updated this division in light of Brexit implications.
Division C (Damages) – Section C4 (The ‘Lost Years’) has been updated by new contributor Helen Wilson, partner at the Asbestos Law Partnership. Section C21 (Investment) has been updated by Ian Gunn and Richard Cropper of Personal Financial Planning Ltd.
Division D (Funding) – Section D3 (Conditional Fee Agreements) has been updated by editor David Marshall.
Division E (Costs) – Sections E5 (Principles of Costs Recovery), E6 (Estimates, Budgets and Caps) and E8 (Payments on Account of Costs) have been updated by editor David Marshall.
Division F (Running the Case) – Section F11 (Issue of Proceedings) has been updated by Jan Markland, partner at Augustines Injury Law and F17 (Multi-track) by David Robinson at Thompsons Solicitors.
Division H (Statutory Materials) – takes account of recent changes to the Damages Act 1996, the Compensation Act 2006 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

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