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Tolley's Company Law Handbook 24th edition

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781474300544
Published: June 27, 2016
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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050661963
Published: June 27, 2016
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781405799928
Published: June 28, 2016
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Product description

Why should you buy Tolley's Company Law Handbook 24th edition

Now in its 24th edition, the essential Tolley's publication is the first point of reference for accountants, solicitors, company secretaries and all those involved in company law. Fully updated with all the latest company law developments and in an A-Z format, this practical guide will enable you to remain at the forefront of company legislation matters.

The major changes to this edition reflect the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 which amends the CA 2006 and is being brought into force through a series of enabling measures. This Act (referred to in the text as SBEE):

* replaces annual returns with annual 'confirmation statements'
* adds an additional requirement to include the aggregate amount unpaid on shares in returns
* adds new grounds for directors' disqualification and imposes new compensation orders for contravention of the Company Directors' Disqualification Act
* requires all companies to keep a register of "people with significant control" over the company and to investigate and report on who has such control
* enables private companies to elect to keep information about directors, company secretaries, members and people with significant control on the central register kept by the Registrar of Companies instead of maintaining their own registers

In addition to the provisions of the SBEE, various accounting requirements have been amended including the criteria for what is a small and medium sized company, an obligation to prepare abridged (rather than abbreviated) accounts and adjustments to what must be shown in the notes to accounts.

The book also covers other relevant company law provisions (excluding insolvency), case law and other important information, including the Listing Rules, Prospectus Rules, Disclosure and Transparency Rules and the UK Corporate Governance Code.

Chapters are in alphabetical order for ease of reference to a particular subject and cross-references, an index and a table of statutes provide further ways of quickly finding the matter required.

Table of contents

1. Accounting reference dates and periods
2. Accounts: Definitions
3. Accounts: General
4. Accounts: Groups of companies
5. Accounts: Individual companies
6. Accounts: Insurance and banking companies
6A. Accounts: Limited liability partnerships
7. Accounts: Small and medium-sized companies
7A. Accounts: Summary financial statements
8. Acquisition of own shares
9. Allotment of shares
10. Annual returns
11. Articles of association
12. Auditors
13. Bonus issues
14. Class rights
l4A. Community interest companies
15. Companies not formed under CA 1985
16. Dealings with third parties
17. Debentures and other borrowing
18. Definitions
19. Directors
19A. Directors’ remuneration reports
20. Directors’ reports
21. Disclosure of interests in public company shares
22. Dissolution and striking off
23. Distributions
24. Dormant companies
25. European community legislation
26. Fees
27. Formation
28. Forms
29. Guarantee companies
30. Insider dealing and market abuse
31. Investigations
32. Limited liability partnerships
33. Meetings
34. Members
35. Memorandum of Association
36. Names and business names
37. Open-ended investment companies
38. Overseas companies
39. Partnerships
40. Penalties and legal proceedings
41. Political donations
42. Prospectuses
43. Public and listed companies
44. Reconstructions and mergers
45. Records
46. Registered office
47. Registers
48. Registrar of companies
49. Registration and re-registration
50. Registration of charges
51. Resolutions
52. Rights issues
53. Scotland
54. Seals
55. Secretary
56. Share premium
57. Share transfers etc
58. Shares and share capital
59. Takeovers
60. Unlimited companies
61. Unregistered companies
62. Wales
Table of cases
Table of statutes
Table of statutory instruments