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Manual of Construction Agreements (with CD-ROM)

A comprehensive guide to the law and practice governing construction contracts, with a focus on the major standard form agreements.
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780853082286

Product description

Why should you subscribe to Manual of Construction Agreements

Written by Richard Cockram, one of the country’s leading construction lawyers, it includes a comprehensive bank of expertly drafted amendments to the standard form agreements and a suite of precedents, together with guidance and drafting notes.

Construction drafting is a central part of commercial property transactions, raising complex issues of law, interpretation and procedure. The key to addressing these issues lies in having rapid access to draft forms of agreement and specialist expertise based on a sound understanding of industry practice, case law and current legislation.

Benefits of the service include:

  • An exhaustive suite of over 100 expertly drafted and comprehensively annotated forms and precedents, written from the perspective of end-users.
  • Accompanying CD-ROM containing the precedents, allowing you to download the documents onto your PC and adapt them to your own needs.
  • A 650-page statement of relevant law and practice - including detailed commentary on the principal industry-standard forms.
  • Updated twice a year to cover relevant developments in construction law and practice.
  • An introduction to contractual arrangements relating to construction procurement, the appointment of design consultants and related matters.
  • In-depth analysis of the relevant areas of law that have been the subject of recent developments in the form of new legislation or reported cases, or in which certain difficult problems remain to be resolved.
  • A new chapter and accompanying forms and precedents covering the FIDIC contracts, which are the most widely used forms for contracts internationally for the construction, plant and design industries.

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Table of contents

Update 25 November 2017

Update 25 revises 16 of the 25 chapters in Part A and the Forms in Sections 4 (NEC contracts) and 5B (Framework agreements) of Part B. 

The main new or revised text in Part A arises from the publication in 2017 of:

– the JCT Major Project Construction Contract 2016, the JCT Construction Management Contract and CM Trade Contract 2016, the JCT Management Building Contract and MC Works Contract 2016, the JCT Constructing Excellence Contract 2016, the JCT Project Team Agreement 2016, the JCT Prime Cost Building Contract 2016, the JCT Framework Agreement 2016, the JCT Measured Term Contract 2016 and the JCT Pre-Construction Services Agreements 2016 (Chapter 2);
– the NEC4 ECC and PSC Contracts 2017 (Chapter 3); and
– the ACE Professional Services Agreements 2017, the FIDIC Consultancy Agreements 2017 and the IChemE Professional Services Agreements 2017.

Chapter 3 also reviews the ACA Term and Alliance Contracts 2016 and updates the review of the CIOB Time and Cost Management Contract 2015.

The remainder of the revisions to Part A concern recently reported decisions and other recent publications and developments.

The main changes in Part B are consequential upon the issue of the NEC4 contracts, consisting of revised Special Conditions to NEC4 ECC and NEC4 PSC and revised Framework Agreements based on those NEC contracts.

Part A Law and Practice

  • The Nature of Construction Contracts
  • The JCT Contracts
  • Non-JCT Construction Contracts
  • Standard Form Consultants' Appointments
  • Collateral Warranties and Third Party Rights
  • Guarantee Bonds and Parent Company Guarantees
  • Insurance
  • Assignment
  • Novation
  • Letters of Intent
  • The CDM Regulations
  • Relevant Legislation
  • Dispute Resolution: Litigation and Arbitration
  • Dispute Resolution: Adjudication, Expert Determination and ADR
  • The Form and Content of Deeds and Documents
  • The Execution of Deeds and Other Documents

Part B Forms

  • Consultants' Appointments
  • Amendments to JCT Contracts
  • Amendments to ICE Contracts
  • Amendments to NEC/ECC Contract
  • Management Contracting
  • Collateral Warranties
  • Novations
  • Letters of Intent
  • Surety Documents
  • Miscellaneous