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Whillans's Tax Tables 2016-17 (Budget edition)

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781474300179
Published: May 23, 2016
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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050662285
Published: May 19, 2016
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Product description

Why should you buy Whillans's Tax Tables 2016-17

Whillans's Tax Tables contain all the data you need in practice. With the latest tax rates, allowances and reliefs, Whillans enables you to quickly make calculations with accurate data. The easy-to-use layout and concise expert commentary by our technical team ensure you have exactly the right level of information on your desktop.

Table of contents


Quick reference table; Tax calendar 2016-2017;

ADMINISTRATION; Bank base rates; Due dates of tax; Harmonised interest regime; Interest on overdue tax; Interest on overpaid tax; Remission of tax; Special relief; Certificates of tax deposit; Student loan deductions; Filing dates; Penalties; Time limits for claims and elections; Exchanges; Applications for clearances and approvals;


CAPITAL GAINS; Annual exemption; Chattel exemption; Rates of tax; Share identification rules; Entrepreneur's relief; Leases; Reliefs; Indexation allowance - corporation tax; Retail prices index;

CORPORATION TAX; Rates; Reliefs; Diverted profits tax; Bank corporation tax surcharge; Annual tax on enveloped dwellings;

ENIVRONMENTAL TAXES AND OTHER LEVIES; Aggregates levy; Air passenger duty; Bank levy; Climate change levy; Fuel duty; Insurance premium tax; Landfill tax; Scottish landfill tax; Vehicle excise duty;

INCOME TAX; Rates; Reliefs; Trusts and subcontractors; Child benefit charge; Scottish rate of income tax; Cars, vans and related benefits and allowances; Charities; Employment benefits and expenses payments; Employment exemption; Employment income; Fixed rate expenses; Investment reliefs, Miscellaneous reliefs; Simplified fixed rate deductions; Capped income tax reliefs; Pension provision from 6 April 2006; Share schemes; Tax credits;

INHERITANCE TAX; Rates of tax; Delivery of accounts: due dates; Delivery of accounts: excepted transfers, etc; Reliefs;

NATIONAL INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS; Contribution rates; Employers’ contributions: benefits in kind;

OVERSEAS; Average rates of exchange; Rates of exchange on year-end dates; Double taxation agreements; Overseas income - basis of assessment; Tax-free (FOTRA) securities;

SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS; taxable benefits; Non-taxable benefits; STAMP TAXES; Stamp duty land tax; Exemptions and reliefs; Land and buildings transaction tax (Scotland); Other stamp taxes; Interest and penalties;

VALUE ADDED TAX; Rates; Registration limits; Deregistration limits; Annual and cash accounting scheme; Flat-rate scheme for small businesses; Partial exemption; Capital goods scheme; Zero-rated, reduced rate, exempt supplies; EC sales lists and country codes; Intrastat;

VAT MOSS; Car fuel; Interest, penalties and surcharges; Index